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A memorial service for the ages.

Since the dawn of time we have looked to the stars for comfort, guidance, and answers.


The aurora is viewed as a spiritual element in many cultures, one that carries stories and memories past the boundaries of time and space.

Be among the first to propel an extraordinary project transporting the spirits of your loved ones into vast regions of space.

​Northern Lights Space Exploration is pleased to announce our first mission to space in partnership with BluShift Aerospace’s Starless Rogue platform.

Beginning at the end of 2023, Missions, aptly named "Carus Cinis" meaning beloved ashes, will carry the ashes of loved ones, both people and pets, into the Aurora Borealis.

Our Unique Offerings

Carus Cinis I - Deposit (100% Refundable)

In stock
Product Details

Lock in your spot on our introductory launch of Carus Cinis I (Beloved Ashes 1) transporting a loved one's ashes into the Aurora Borealis.

This deposit will save your spot on our first upcoming launch for a total price of $750. Your balance of $701 will be due 6 months before the scheduled launch date.

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